Our Technology

We are dedicated to making Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality hand interaction universally accessible to users.


Versatile Design

Our device is designed to have a small form factor which brings portability to AR and VR platforms.

Portable and Lightweight

Our finger tracking unit is as big as a thumb with a battery consumption of less than 150mW. Our device's built-in USB rechargeable battery and its low power consumption allows it to be used in a truly mobile fashion.

Accurate and Customizable

The BreqLabs' hardware has an 180° FOV and has comparable accuracy to HTC VIVE and Oculus hand tracking. The device also has 5 tracking modes, which can be used to meet the specialized needs of each user.


End-User Focused

Our technology is focused on bringing flexibility to the end user's AR and VR experience for applications in gaming, consumer markets, and commercial industries. 

Compatible with Most Platforms

BreqLabs C++ and Unity plugins allows our hand tracking technology to be compatible with most platforms on the market. This includes Apple IOS, Android, and most VR or AR headsets.

Personalized Tracking with Machine Learning AI

Our tracking technology is integrated with AI Machine Learning, which allows for a personalized gesture and motion tracking experience.

General Specifications
 (Controller & Finger Unit)


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