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Celebration of TO Wearable Ecosystem

Martin Labrecque, Aug 4th, 2016

On July 26th we had the great opporunity to join Tom Emrich and We Are Wearables Toronto for the Mars Discovery District Meetup. At the event, we were able to pitch BreqLabs to the public and showcase our prepared demo to over 800 attending guests. At the Meetup were several VR development companies as well as wearable tech focusing on fitness and health. We demonstrated a version of our…


Celebration of TO Wearable Ecosystem

Room-scale hand tracking for VR

Martin Labrecque, Jul 22nd, 2016

Walking in Room-Scale VR

Martin Labrecque, Jul 3rd, 2016

Walking in Room-scale VR

The Newest Mobile Revolution

John Cappuccitti, Jun 22nd, 2016

Given the difficulties PC-based and console-based virtual reality (VR) will have gaining mainstream momentum, if VR pundits are to be proven correct that 2016 is indeed the year of VR, then we will need to focus on some other head-mounted display technology as a conduit to enable consumer interaction with media. In order to gain widespread adoption, this technology needs to be affordable and the hardware should be easily acquired. Given these criteria, a technology…


Hand tracking in a hemisphere with no latency

Martin Labrecque, Jun 19th, 2016

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