Hand Tracking, Made Simple

BreqLabs is a prototype-to-production platform for developing hands-free ultrasonic tracking solutions for enterprise AR smart glasses


Build a prototype in minutes with included software and hardware development kits


Go from a single prototype to full deployment with a development platform built to scale


Manage your products in the field: deploy updates, collect data, and more


Small size with outsized performance

Low cost. Low power. Wide FOV. Easy integration. Quick end user personalization. Interaction has never been easier or more affordable.

Development team friendly...

2D, 3D, and hover interactions

The most natural, intuitive and immersive interface

Easy integration into existing work flows 

Drag and drop SDK for Unity with hardware support as needed

Headset and OS agnostic

Works with all Android, iOS, and Microsoft devices using BLE 

High return on investment  

Either develop your own product or deploy our low cost design 

...and front line ready

Tracking customized for each end user

AI-based device training for everyone's range of motion 

IT security and union preferred

No additional camera feeds to either approve or secure 

Full shift battery life and performance

No need to tether devices to HMDs or external battery packs 

Low total cost of ownership

Robust hardware and 2 minute training minimizes down time  

Ready to shorten your solution's time to value?



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